Monday, November 7, 2011

Grilled Pizza

For grilled pizza, we took the easy way out by getting pizza dough from the grocery store and, after letting it rise all day in a glass bowl with a warm, wet towel overtop, we divided the dough into individual portions.  Some grocery stores are now making wheat or multigrain pizza dough as well.  Look for it in the refrigerated area near the cheese or in the freezer area. 

After spreading it out onto a flat surface and stretching it into an approximately 9-10 inch diameter flat circle, brush 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil over the surface. 

Add garlic powder to taste (optional) and your toppings.  We make our own tomato sauce and used this as one of our toppings, along with meatballs, but jarred sauce at the grocery store would work just as fine.  Toppings that we also placed in bowls for the kids to add:  mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil, pepperoni, broccoli. 

Place pizza on fired-up grill, watching very carefully for burning of crust.  Each individual pizza will cook in approximately five minutes, yes, that's it--only five minutes--"for that wood-fired taste that everyone loves" says my son!  The best part about individual grilled pizzas?  The kids make them on their own!

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